Mission Statement

The Cannabis Liberty Alliance believes that We the People have an inalienable right to grow and utilize cannabis within the privacy of our own homes, to address our medical needs, and to further our flourishing as human beings. Cannabis has been used for both for medical and spiritual purposes for more than five thousand years, and as such, its prohibition, which began in the Twentieth Century, should be regarded as a wanton intrusion by government into our private lives, our medical autonomy, and our spiritual practices. 

The Cannabis Liberty Alliance is, first and foremost, committed to protecting the interests of medical patients, including their right to grow cannabis for their own use, to have access to cannabis through the free market, and to not face discrimination by the government, law enforcement, employers, business owners, landlords, or medical providers solely for one’s participation in a medical cannabis program or the presence of cannabis metabolites in one’s body. We are committed to patient liberty, privacy, and education. 

The Cannabis Liberty Alliance is committed to working with the broader cannabis community, including businesses, trade organizations, churches, law enforcement, solo advocates and other advocacy groups. We believe that evidence-based, scientifically informed public policy is in the best interest of medical patients as well as society as a whole. We believe that laws incompatible with scientific research are unjust and are far more likely to lead to societal consequences more deleterious than what those laws sought to prevent. The so-called “war on drugs” is such an example. 

The Cannabis Liberty Alliance is committed to partnering with lawmakers and regulators in developing rules for growing, processing, selling and using cannabis; but we believe these rules must always preserve patient autonomy, be based upon evidence rather than myth, and cohere with science. We are committed to promoting the truth about cannabis, public policies based upon that truth, and ending the cultural divide over cannabis that has harmed generations of Americans.

These are our commitments to the great people of America’s Heartland. We serve so that we may do our part in repairing the world. 




Although we officially formed as a group in July 2019, team members are among the leading activists in the state.

In addition to Norma's service of nearly thirty years to the state, board members were active in the months leading up to the SQ 788 vote, helped to draft the "Unity Bill," testified before the Medical Marijuana Working Group during the Summer of 2018, worked with the Oklahoma Pain Society in developing a cannabis-friendly policy for physicians, authored newspaper op/eds, helped educate the public about issues related to cannabis reform, and have worked diligently in the defense of patient rights.

We regularly interact with lawmakers, regulators, key figures in the industry, members of the medical community, other advocates and advocacy groups, and law enforcement, all for the purposes of protecting patients and furthering their interests.


TEAM Member Bios

Chris Moe, Citizen Lobbyist


Chris Moe, aka Uncle Grumpy, joined Oklahoma's Medical Marijuana movement in 2017 and has emerged as one of the state's most recognized advocates and effective lobbyists for patient rights.

Norma Sapp, Community and Patient Outreach


Norma Sapp has advocated for drug reform in Oklahoma for nearly thirty years.  She has helped Oklahomans charged with possession, helped to educate law enforcement, and lobby the legislature.  She continues to be the state Director of NORML and the most honored voice of the movement.

J. Blake Johnson, Legal Counsel


J. Blake Johnson is a founding partner at Overman Legal Group and Climb Collective Business Consultants.  He received his J.D. from OU lawschool and is among the state's most highly regarded cannabis law experts.

Nathan Rees, Industry Relations


Nathan Rees is the co-owner of Sweetleaf Health Clinic Dispensary as well as other business interests.  He is a native Oklahoman and is among those in the industry most committed to patient interests.

Lawrence Pasternack, Patient Advocacy


Lawrence Pasternack, Ph.D. joined the medical marijuana movement in early 2018.  He began by writing op/eds to various state newspapers and then worked with the Oklahoma Department of Health, state legislature, and physician groups in the months following the passage of SQ 788.  

Amy R. Brown, Administrative Support Specialist and Membership Manager


Amy has recently joined our team to help manage our events and schedules. Contact Amy if you would like to request one of us at an event or if you would like to join our team.




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