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Our Team

Our History

Our History

Citizen Lobbyist 

Chris Moe, aka Uncle Grumpy 

Community and Patient Outreach

Norma Sapp, Oklahoma NORML

Industry Relations

Nathan Rees

Patient Advocacy and Strategic Development 

Lawrence Pasternack, Ph.D.

Legal Counsel

J. Blake Johnson, Esq.


Our History

Our History

Our History

The OCLA arose out of a need for an advocacy group connected to the daily struggles against government interference in patient lives.  Amidst the battle to protect patient privacy and liberty in the wake of SB 1030, our founding members came together to form this alliance.  As we move forward, our goal will remain, protecting patients and promoting their interests.


Our Mission

Our History

Our Mission

The Cannabis Liberty Alliance is, first and foremost, committed to protecting the interests of medical patients.  The Cannabis Liberty Alliance is committed to working with the broader cannabis community, including businesses, trade organizations, churches, law enforcement, solo advocates and other advocacy groups. We believe that evidence-based, scientifically informed public policy is in the best interest of medical patients as well as society as a whole. 

Our Partners